Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Anybrain?

No. We’re completely separate and Basically Homeless wasn’t paid to endorse them.

Can I support financially?

No. As we’re still in a relatively early phase of the project, and aren’t promising any specific results, we don’t feel that it would be right to take any money.

How can I help?

Help us by submitting or reviewing gameplay clips on the website. We also have Analysis and Infrastructure teams that need volunteers if you have some technical skills and want to help develop the project.

How will WALDO work?

We will train ML models on a combination of labeled and unlabeled gameplay videos to train it to detect aimbot cheating. We will be working on a more detailed whitepaper in the future.

What is the scope of WALDO?

Right now we are focused on detecting aimbots (humanized aimbots, specifically) in FPS gameplay videos. If all goes well, we hope to expand to different forms of cheating.

The website will only let me submit gameplay for a few videos. Will you add more games in the future?

Yes, we will expand this list of games in the near future.

Is this an anti-cheat?

No, Waldo will analyse video footage to detect aimbot cheating. No action will come directly from Waldo.

What kind of gameplay should I submit? Does it need to be in any special format?

Record a normal round of gameplay with whatever capture method you typically use. It doesn’t need to be in any particular format, but nothing longer than 30 minutes please. Imagine you’re recording a gameplay video that you’re going to edit into a montage later on 😎. You’ll then upload it to YouTube, and submit the link to the video on the submissions page.