Working in the Monorepo

Just some advice for working in the Waldo Vision monorepo.

Project Structure

Inside the apps directory are all the Waldo Vision “apps”. This includes this website (the docs), the main Waldo Vision website, and the desktop app.

Inside the packages directory is code that is reused between many of the different apps. You can consider these packages to be shared utilities if it helps you conceptualize it.

Breaking Change Guide

If your pull request contains a breaking change you must specify what the breaking change is and add it to the changelog for the current version.

Useful Commands


With Turborepo, the command turbo run allows you to run the same command in every workspace.

Say you wanted to build everything, you just need to run turbo run build, and every workspace will begin to build in the correct order. You could also for example lint everything with turbo run lint.

You should note that unless you have turbo installed globally, you will need to do yarn turbo instead of just turbo.

Yarn Workspaces

With yarn workspaces, you are able to run commands in a specific workspaces.

For example, you can add react to the website with yarn workspace web add react, or build it alone with yarn workspace web build.

Labeling PRs Effectively

This section applies to maintainers only

Due to our use of release-drafter, the way we label PRs is important in automatically building out our releases. In addition to the labels that the auto labeler adds, we have a few more important labels you have to add yourself to PRs. For example, if you are adding a new feature, you should add the feature label to the PR. If you are fixing a bug, you should add the bug label to the PR, and so on. Furthermore, you can instruct release-drafter that it needs to increment the major, minor, or patch version by adding the major, minor, or patch label to the PR in addition to the other labels. To better understand what exact labels you should use for a given category of PR, you can look at the release-drafter config.